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Eleanor Rushing

Eleanor Rushing

ELEANOR RUSHING / Counterpoint Press, 1999

Praise for Eleanor Rushing:

"Expertly, gracefully, Patty Friedmann overlays topographies of loss and desire, reality and delusion, making fiction as strange-and as sad and funny-as truth." —Kathryn Harrison, author of The Kiss

“A dazzling novel, capturing that complex mix of lightness and darkness that is New Orleans.” —Robert Olen Butler, author of A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain

"Brilliant, bitterly funny, and deeply scary.…The reader is seduced by that willful voice, wavering between shock and grudging admiration at Friedmann's high-wire balancing act. And laughing all the way." —New Orleans Times-Picayune

"Intriguing and touching…One finishes the book impressed by Friedmann's wit and her compassion for human frailty." —Publishers Weekly

Eleanor Rushing is a first-person narrative tour de force. While Eleanor is blessed with acute powers of observation and the ability to remember everything, her recollections and impressions are nevertheless often at odds with those of the people around her. As her "relationship" with a local married Methodist minister spins out of control, the loquacious and endearing Eleanor manages to charm us completely. Even as we begin to realize that surviving a childhood marred by tragedy has exacted a terrible toll, we can't help being her willing and faithful admirers.