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May 12, 2007



ah, patty!!! love it!!!!


You and Jimmy Carter, not holding back.


Continue to be a truthspeaker, Patty. The world needs more emperor-has-no-clothes folk. Convention's applecart needs to be upset, full as it is of rotten fruit.

Miriam Hirsch

Tis good to pull the rug out from under people. Falling on their respective asses is a good learning experience for those types, they usually never get the priviledge.

Missy mcCroskey

Please let me treat you to lunch! I am a, how do you spell it , shicksa (gentile) who went to NewmN k-12, class of 1959. I just moved back to NOLA two years ago to discover who I would have been had I not run away from home at age 20 somehow I think you and I would connect. What say you?

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