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August 18, 2007



"a writer's got to write. A writer doesn't have to tear her hair out showing her stuff to agents and editors and producers, but she does have to be working on something."

That's the essence of it, n'est pas?


wow! good for you. why the new title if this is based on two-story brick houses? i live near lots of square, boxy, two-story brick houses, and i can't help but think of your story often. that's a good thing, n'est pas?


Since you've moved onto screenplays, why not help out with K-ville on TV? The reviews complain it's cliche-ridden. They need you in the briar patch!


Fantastic and I want an update. Plus, "...she does have to be working on something..." gives me a much-needed kick in the butt.


Can you stand a mash note? I love your work. You are a force of nature.

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