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October 15, 2010


Hillary Kanter

Well, all Hell-fire! I believe I've got you, Patty BEAT as far as the "Drug Cocktails" go. I, too, am a depressant--? Depressive? This piece totally cracked me up. And that is NOT easy to do! I've wondered all the same things.
I am on...ok.. are you ready? Zoloft, Wellbutrin, elavil, and Seroquel.
I'm on the last one, because I've been an insomniac since I was first in the womb.
The reason I'm really writing is that I see you have used ebookconversions.com and wondered if you might be so kind as to tell me your experience with them-- good, bad or otherwise.
I'm new to it all, and have a first novel ( turned down by the world, and I don't give a damn.) called Dead Men Are Easy To Love.
It's a cross between Woody Allen's Midnight IN Paris, and Sex In The City, with a hint of Quantum Leap.
How did it go for you with your ebook conversion?
I appreciate your time, and I MUST read your books!
Hillary Kanter
P.S. I live in Nashville, and am SO jealous that you live in New Orleans--My favorite place on earth.

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